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Clallam County Fair, August 2019
“Red, White and Moo,
It’s Our 100th Too!”
We outdid ourselves. We had 72 different entries; 39 blue ribbons, 23 red ribbons and 10 white. Patty McArthur got first place for her lovely fairy garden. Ester DeWeese did a marvelous job of creating our educational display around the fair theme and received third place. Her cow was gorgeous and oh those eyes and lashes. Both displays were fantastic, creative endeavors. All of our cut flowers, patio planters, hanging baskets and houseplants filled the floral building with a riot of color. Leilani Woods must have been proud that we responded to her call to arms. In addition we served as entry clerks, placement clerks, judges clerks, floral barn hostesses and floral barn cleanup crew after the fair. The public responded with very positive reviews on the dramatic increase in the number of displays this year. We can all take a bow. A big thanks you to everyone who participated. We all want our county fairs to thrive and live on for all to enjoy.