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Jamestown S’Klallam Carving Shed
November 10, 2021 Field Trip
The House of Myths holds many characters, forms and creative items. SPGC members participated in a field trip to the Jamestown S’Klallam Carving Shed which was formerly labeled House of Myths. The carving team is comprised of Timothy O'Connell, Dusty Humphries, and Bud Turner. Timothy was the facilitator for our 80 minute visit and gave discussion from the artist’s perspective and showed some of the handmade tools. Dusty was helpful in showing the carving techniques and provided more history as he has been with the team 13 years. We did not meet Bud who is in charge of all sign designs for the tribe.

We saw the Brick Johnson totem from Peninsula College which needs restoration: rotted sections replaced, all oil-based paint removed and new acrylic paint applied. There were horizontal beam sections done in thick polymer for the front of the new Healing Center. It was painted in the traditional Salish tones. It will also have a canoe which was just being sketched onto dense polymer for carving and painting. There were various other projects in different stages of creation giving us a better appreciation of this local art.