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Adopt-A-Bed Stars

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Arlene Sawyer Park Chair
Seen in the Park Rain or Shine

Except in the dead of winter, she is in the Park every Monday & Thursday. She arrives early and ready to go to work. Arlene oversees park management and works with all individuals to coordinate activities including the Adopt-A-Bed program.

Thank you Arlene
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Paulette Edison
Chooses the Rose Garden Bed

Paulette Edison adopted the rose garden bed that borders the parking lot and log cabin and has created a colorful floral display for all of our visitors to enjoy.

Thank you Paulette
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Suzan Mannisto & Vina Winters
Front Clubhouse Flowerbed Makeovers

Laura Singer
Pollinator Garden Bed

A former member and now a community volunteer, Laura works to keep this hidden gem next to the historic cemetery flowering for the birds, bees and dragonflies in almost every season. Spring and summer are awash with flowers and fall and winter hosts seed heads to tide our animal visitors over for the winter.

Thank you Laura

Nancy Garbush
Washington Street Border Northwest Corner

Nancy tackled a formerly weed infested border that now shines for passersby’s and visitors leaving the park. It is the Taming of the Shrew except it is really about seizing control of the errant trees, shrubs and perennials. Our 2020 scholarship recipient, Lily Engeset , has volunteered to assist Nancy with her project.

Thank you Nancy & Lily for your dedication.

Priscilla Hudson
Our Historian/Liaison
Preserves the Cemetery Garden

Priscilla adopted the Cemetery Garden with an eye to making the tombstones and plantings an attraction that highlights the heritage of some of Sequim’s earliest residents. The headstones are from residents who had no family to claim their tombstones when Sequim’s 1st cemetery (now Pioneer Memorial Park) was closed. All of the other graves and headstones were moved to private farms or other cemeteries in the area.

Thank you Priscilla.

Sarah Myers
Veterans Memorial Bed Front & Center –
Always With a Smile

Sarah Myers adopted the Stone Cropping/Veterans Memorial bed that graces the front of the Park along Washington Street. This memorial pays honor to all of our veterans in all conflicts. Keeping it pristine shows our respect for all of our servicemen and women.

Thank you Sarah.

Sharon Hampton
Maintains the Japanese Maple Circle
Plus East & North Side of the Clubhouse

Sharon attacked two beds around the clubhouse to keep them from being overrun with morning glory, the nemesis of Pioneer Memorial Park. The view from the clubhouse windows has improved dramatically. She also maintained the Japanese Maple Circle. She is seen here ready to work and always with a smile on her face.

Thank you Sharon for the many beds you have adopted.

Jennifer Brodie
Historic Pioneer Memorial Park Sign Bed
Here at the Park, Rain or Shine

Jennifer is seen here ready to work on one of our newest beds. The historic sign was restored two years ago by Barbara Fitzgerald and placed last year by Roy Haralson. A new drip irrigation system was recently installed by Roy that will allow this shade garden to shine without constant attention.

Thank you Jennifer, Barbara and Roy.

Jean Dager
Pergola Bed Project

Jean has fought tree roots and needles from the large Sequoia to maintain this border. Trash from some of our visitors seems to accumulate in this area as well. The ancient cart from past garden club exploits has hosted seasonal summer flowers.

Thank you Jean for working in this difficult terrain.

Joan Whiting & Barbara Hubbard
Attack Cleanup and Design For Three Park Beds

Roots that go to “China” surrounding an ancient tree stump were just some of the obstacles facing this duo. They adopted two small tree beds (cherry and dogwood) plus the circle planter in front of the flagpole. An initial cleanout project has made way to plan for an all season display in these highly visible areas. Work required assistance from another club member, Suzan Mannisto. Fall plantings are in place and we look forward to next years display. Eizabeth Wickert has volunteered to create a permanent design for the dogwood bed.

Thank you Joan, Barbara & Suzan.