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Meeting Calendar

Meetings are held in the clubhouse at Pioneer Memorial Park at 387 East Washington St., Sequim Washington. The meeting is held on the first Monday of the month. Holiday Mondays are deferred to the following Monday. Social time is from 10:00-10:30 am. The educational presentation is from 10:30-11:30 am. Members of the public are invited to attend topics of interest. The club business meeting is from 11:45 am – 12:45 pm.

SPGC General Membership Meeting Schedule - 2019-20


  • September 9: SPGC Meeting, Food Interrupted, A GMO Overview, Jerri Weinhold
    Jerri has been involved with understanding what GMOs are and has become a local authority on the subject. She has researched the arguments and positions of both sides of the subject for years. Jeri has written an overview/historical paper on GMOs that was published in the Port Townsend Co-op newspaper Commons. Jerri has spoken to numerous groups and headed a forum of outside speakers sponsored by the North Olympic Land Trust and Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development.

  • October 7: SPGC Meeting, Autumn Colors, Leilani Woods, Greenhouse Manager, Sunnyfarms Nursery
    A horticulturist for over 40 years, Leilani will bring her creative and enthusiastic skills to the Sequim Prairie Garden Club in her presentation. She has lived in Sequim most of her life. Graduating from WSU with a degree in Horticultural Production, she has been a grower, owned a nursery, been an estate gardener, and is currently the Greenhouse Manager for Sunnyfarms Nursery. Gardening is what she knows. Join her in a colorful presentation that will be all the rage for the 2019-20 gardening season. Bring your imagination and gardening enthusiasm for this seminar.

  • November 4: SPGC Meeting, Natural Landscaping, Joe Holtrop, Exec. Director, Clallam Conservation District
    Joe grew up on a small dairy farm near the Canadian border. His education includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture and a masters degree in Adult Education. He has been promoting natural landscaping and landscaping with native plants through workshops, classes and presentations here at Clallam Conservation District since 1990. Joe teaches a six-session course (three lectures and three field trips) on natural landscaping each spring and fall and leads a free field workshop on landscaping with native plants each spring and fall ( Course description: overview of natural landscaping basics, including site analysis, landscape design principles, common native trees and shrubs, and planting.

  • November 25: Decorate SPGC Clubhouse and Christmas Tree
  • December 2: SPGC Annual Christmas Party & Gift Exchange (members only)


  • January 6: SPGC Meeting, Sequim Botanical Garden, Dona Brock, current president of the Sequim Botanical Garden Society
    Dona will present an introduction to the Sequim Botanical Garden, located in Carrie Blake Community Park, including the progression of its development. It is the story of the construction of the first garden, the Terrace Garden, involving the City of Sequim and enthusiastic garden supporters. Listen to Dona as she weaves together the vision and plans of the city and volunteers and how the completion will come together over time.

  • February 3: SPGC Meeting, Creating Emotional Landscapes with a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, Christie Larson
    Christie will share with us the importance of helping our bird population in the winter. We will learn what high energy foods are necessary to help their survival; how to provide appropriate shelters and the critical role available water is during freezing temperatures.

  • March 2: SPGC Meeting, The Volatile Language Of Plants, Pam Lawson, founder of Sequim Organic Gardeners and Co-Founder of Community Gardens of Sequim
    Pam teaches organic gardening classes and gives talks to our local Master Gardeners and other interested gardening groups. Her discussion deals with the key language a plant uses to communicate within itself, other plants, microbes, insect friends and pests. Language these neighbors understand and react to is used to ward off pests and call-in flying insects (plant-defenders) in the event of a serious pest problem. Pam will talk about how we can encourage beneficial activities of neighbors, depending on our gardening practices.

  • April 6: SPGC Meeting, Continuing Education - The Elwah Dam Project, Penny Wagner, Public Information Officer, National Park Service and the US Department of the Interior for Clallam County
    The largest dam removal in U.S. history occurred in Olympic National Park between 2011 and 2014. The Elwha River now runs free. Last year Penny presented The Elwah, A Story of Dam Removal & Restoration. Due to the intense interest of the subject and the overwhelming response to her presentation we have invited her back to give us updates on the restoration of the Elwah River and provide additional information.

  • May 4th: SPGC Meeting, The Wonderful Hobby of Bonsai, Bob Stack, member Dungeness Bonsai Society
    Bob Stack joined the Dungeness Bonsai Society over twenty years ago and has maintained a collection of bonsai ever since. He has been an active teacher of the nearly forty members of the club and has maintained the spirit of bonsai, which is to share their beauty with others. The presentation will include the display of several species. He will discuss all aspects of bonsai cultivation and how anyone can acquire a plant as a beginning to enjoying this wonderful hobby.

  • June 1: SPGC Meeting, Installation of New Officer(s) and President's Luncheon
    (Members Only) Member Garden Tours, (TBD)

  • July - No Meeting, Summer Vacation
  • August 3: Annual Sequim Prairie Garden Club Potluck, Pioneer Memorial Park (members only)

SPGC Board Meeting Schedule: 2018 - 2019

All meetings are at the SPGC Clubhouse at 10:00 unless otherwise noted.


  • Wednesday, July 24th
  • Wednesday, August 21st
  • Wednesday, September 18th
    (member’s home, call president for information)
  • Wednesday, October 23rd
  • Wednesday, November 20th
  • Wednesday, December 18th


  • Wednesday, January 22nd
  • Wednesday, February 19th
  • Wednesday, March 18th
  • Wednesday, April 22nd
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • Wednesday, June 17th
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • Wednesday, August 19th