Sequim Prairie Garden Club Title


  1. The Board of Directors shall provide direction for the affairs of SPGC by establishing goals, objectives and projects for operation of garden club activities, management of Pioneer Memorial Park and care of the garden clubhouse. They will work to assure the financial health of the organization by ensuring adequate resources are available to meet expected expenditures.

  2. The President shall oversee and conduct the business of the organization and preside at all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors. The President, in consultation with the Executive Board, shall appoint Committee Chairs and a Parliamentarian. The President shall be a signatory on the bank account and have authority for check signing. He/she shall sign contracts as necessary for clubhouse and park maintenance. The President shall oversee compliance with federal, state and county laws and ordinances. He/she shall supervise grant proposal preparation and submission in conjunction with board members.

  3. In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice-President shall perform the duties of that office. In the absence of the President and the 1st VicePresident, the 2nd Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President and the First Vice-President. Should the President vacate the office, the 1st Vice-President shall complete the term. The 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents shall be signatories on the bank account and have authority for check signing. Overall supervision of the Committee Chairs will be divided between both Vice-Presidents. The 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents are responsible for working with the Yearbook Chairman on club programs, guest speakers and presiding during presentations. They shall monitor and assist leads for local events as necessary. They shall provide direction for the SPGC website and social media page.

  4. The Secretary shall record the attendance and minutes of the Club and Board of Directors. He/she shall keep records of the Club and be custodian of all records and papers pertaining to his/her office and assure placement in online storage. The Secretary shall record the number of members present at each business meeting and certify that a quorum is present. He/she shall keep the online membership roster updated on the SPGC website as new members are added.

  5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for depositing all monies received from rent, security deposits, membership dues, fundraising activities, grants and donations. He/she will prepare checks for all routine bills and those approved by the Board of Directors and present to the President or VicePresidents for signature. He/she may delegate these tasks as needed and shall supervise the same. At each meeting of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall present a report from the previous available month that includes receipts and disbursements with beginning and ending balances. A profit & loss statement and statement of assets and liabilities that is reconciled to the bank will be presented to the Board of Directors. This report will be presented to the membership at each regular monthly meeting. At the end of the fiscal year, the Treasurer shall prepare a statement of income, expense, assets and liabilities that shall be audited by two members appointed by the President. On completion of the audit, the Treasurer shall present it to the Board of Directors and the membership. The Treasurer shall file appropriate documents with the IRS, State of Washington and Clallam County. He/she shall maintain a membership roster in the Club’s accounting system. He/she shall prepare SPGC nametags for new members.

  6. Past President – advises Board of Directors on Club and Park operations to assure continuity of function and care.

  1. Birds & Wildlife – shall report and educate Club regarding local birds/wildlife and incorporating them into the garden.

  2. Building Chair - shall be responsible for keeping the clubhouse clean and in good working order (i.e. plumbing, electrical, flooring, chimney and roof) by doing necessary repairs and/or hiring qualified vendors to complete the work with the approval of the Board. He/she shall buy all necessary products for cleaning and maintenance. To attract renters, the Building Chair shall assess the clubhouse to keep it fresh and current in appearance and present suggestions to the Board for consideration. He/she shall assure compliance with Washington State and Clallam County Fire District #3 regulations regarding signage and testing of emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. The Building Chair will hire an individual to clean the clubhouse as necessary and monitor his/her job performance.

  3. Field Trips – shall explore, recommend, schedule and organize Club field trips to local area gardens, arboretums, nurseries and other related sites. He/she shall prepare signup sheets and coordinate carpools for all club field trips matching the number of drivers and riders for each event.

  4. Historian/Liaison – shall identify and be aware of noteworthy items in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and the Northwest Peninsula that may influence SPGC members and Pioneer Memorial Park. He/she shall maintain communication with community players such as; City Park Board, City Public Works Dept., Museum and Arts Center, Olympic View Community Foundation, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, Sequim Prairie Grange, School District (especially FFA projects), Newspaper Editor and Garden Clubs in our district. The Historian/Liaison position shall notify Board members of all significant changes and record changes in SPGC history. He/she shall forward historical related items to the Scrapbook Chair.

  5. Horticulture – shall report new information regarding art and science of growing plants, garden design and maintenance.

  6. Membership – shall greet guests and new members, orient them to the facility and park, provide club overview and introduce them to other members. He/she shall be involved in community outreach to advertise the benefits of joining our organization and increase club membership.

  7. Park Grounds Chair – shall be in charge of coordinating the maintenance of the Park in accordance with recommended best practices and working with any contracted vendors or volunteers. He/she shall assess the Park structure and design. All plans involving a significant redesign, upgrade or renewal of park borders or flowerbeds must be submitted to the Board for approval. Plants, equipment or additional contracted labor used in these endeavors require Board approval.

  8. Parliamentarian – shall assure and advise that Robert’s Rules of Order (most recently revised edition) are followed to govern the organization and business procedures.

  9.  Publicity Chair – shall prepare and release Club and Park publicity to: appropriate local media organizations (newspaper and radio), billboards, fliers and online entities. He/she shall develop creative strategies to effectively promote the organization, Clubhouse and Park. The Publicity Chair will oversee the preparation of event fliers and coordinate their distribution. He/she shall maintain an online file of fliers, advertisements and newspaper clippings.

  10. Reservation Chair – shall schedule Clubhouse reservations and distribute key codes for the same. He/she shall coordinate with the Treasurer concerning payments and security deposit refunds and with the Building Chair concerning rental schedule, supplies and operation. He/she shall maintain and monitor the SPGC e-mail and online clubhouse calendar. The Reservation Chair shall oversee the Reservation Committee members and schedule post-checks after each use.

  11. Scholarship – shall coordinate the review of scholarship applications with at least one other club member and recommend recipient(s) to Club membership based on preferred scholarship criteria. He/she shall collect necessary information to allow for funds disbursement.

  12. Scrapbook (online) – shall prepare webpage information that documents club meetings, field trips, fundraisers, awards and all activities of interest by writing descriptions, taking photographs and insertion of newspaper article links.

  13. Sunshine – shall check on and call members who are ill or have issues that preclude club attendance. He/she will send appropriate cards as needed. The Sunshine Chair will hang member nametags in the hallway prior to each meeting.

  14. Telephone – shall call members without email to notify them of meetings or events or appoint another member as needed.

  15. Yearbook – shall coordinate with Vice-President(s) to select and schedule educational speakers for meetings. He/she shall prepare the Club schedule, calendar of events and membership roster for publication in the Yearbook. He/she shall coordinate recordings of speaker presentations. The Yearbook Chair shall oversee management of the SPGC social media page.

  16. Webmaster – shall oversee management of the SPGC website. He/she shall keep the site updated with photographs, slate of officers, calendar of events, meetings and activities in conjunction with the President/Vice-Presidents.
  1. All meetings will be held at Pioneer Memorial Park unless otherwise notified. Board meetings will be scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday of each month or the previous/following Wednesday on/near holidays. General club meetings will be scheduled on the first Monday of the month or the following Monday if the first Monday falls on/near a holiday.

  2. Special Meetings may be called at any time by the President or on written request of five members addressed to the Secretary. Only such business as is specified in the call for the meeting will be conducted at a special meeting.

  3. Order of business at meetings:
    1. Call to Order
    2. Prayer and Flag Salute
    3. Introduction of Visitors & New Members
    4. Birthdays
    5. Correspondence
    6. Announcements
    7. Secretary - Certify Members and Quorum Present
    8. Approval of Minutes
    9. Treasurer’s Report
    10. Standing Committee Reports
    11. Unfinished Business
    12. New Business
    13. Gardening Observations & Questions
    14. Adjournment
    The membership year is from June 1st to May 31st. Annual dues for current members are due on May 1st. New members who join in March, April or May will have gratis membership until the upcoming membership year begins. These same new members shall pay dues for the upcoming year at the time of their membership application.

    The Executive Board of Directors serve two-year terms but members will rotate on alternate years to assure continuity of club leadership. The President and Treasurer shall be elected one year with the 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President and Secretary the following year. Initiation of the officer rotation will require the President and Treasurer to extend their terms one year. The president shall appoint a nominating committee of three persons in March. The committee shall present a slate of officers to the members in April and further nominations shall be in order from the floor. The newly elected officers assume office as soon as they are installed.
    A quorum for a regular meeting (board and general) shall consist of 30% of the membership. An affirmation is recorded when a majority of members present (in person, by proxy, or ballot) vote to approve.
    “Robert’s Rules of Order (most recently revised edition)” shall be the authority and govern this Club in its business procedure on all points not governed by the Bylaws.
    1. The Treasurer shall pay all routine bills/expenditures.

    2. To obtain reimbursement, members must submit receipts to verify expenditures.

    3. Expenditures of > $500 require prior approval by the Board of Directors.

    4. Except for emergencies, expenditures of > $2,000 will be submitted to the general membership for approval.

    1. The Club shall continue to maintain and improve Pioneer Memorial Park.

    2. A planting shall be installed yearly honoring Arbor Day.

    3. The Club’s fiscal year is from June 1st to May 31st. An annual budget shall be prepared for each fiscal year by the Board of Directors and presented to the membership at the May meeting for approval.

    4. A prospective member shall submit a membership application with dues to the Treasurer to become a member of the Sequim Prairie Garden Club.

    5. Nothing shall be removed from the Pioneer Park Clubhouse, the grounds or other buildings on Park property without permission from the Board.

    6. No garden club furniture or electronic equipment may be loaned to outside individuals or groups. Clubhouse furniture and electronic equipment may not be loaned to club members for personal use. Furniture located in the cabin may be loaned to club members with permission.

    7. All items given to the Club, whether intended for the clubhouse or the grounds, are to become and remain the sole property of the Club.

    8. All Club records are the property of the Club and shall be stored in the clubhouse, online or elsewhere with Board approval. Meeting minutes will be maintained for 10 years, financial records 7 years and Reservation Agreements for 6 years.

    9. Any reservation of the clubhouse requires a security deposit.

    10. . Members shall be charged at half the price of the current established reservation rate. This must be for personal use only – for example, for birthdays, anniversaries or family reunions. The family of any current or former member may use the clubhouse at no charge for a celebration of life.

    11. The Olympic Peninsula Garden Club may reserve the clubhouse for district meetings and the Chamber of Commerce for their annual summer picnic at no cost.

    12. A licensed and bonded service person shall perform all major repairs.

    13. Hiring of individuals or awarding service contracts will follow the SPGC Conflict of Interest Policy.

    14. Scholarships shall not be awarded to immediate family (spouse, sibling, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, niece or nephew) of club members. Scholarship funds will be paid to the student’s chosen school at the completion of the student’s 1st quarter.

    15. Speakers at monthly meetings are not routinely paid an honorarium. Speakers who ask or have a special cause will be paid a sum of $50.00. Requests for larger sums will be addressed individually by the Board.